Blogging for Business

The Benefits of Blogging


Did you know that 77% of all Internet users follow one or more blogs?

If you’re not capitalizing on this growing community, you are missing out on huge business! Bloggers are passionate about sharing content they know, like, and trust. When you can turn one of these share-happy bloggers into a raving fan of your brand, they can propel your business to new heights.

Here are a few of the many benefits of blogging:

  • Demonstrate thought leadership: Share your insights and intelligence with the world and show that you’re a leader in your field by continually sharing your insight on the things that matter most to your customers and prospects.
  • Improve SEO: Or “Search Engine Optimization”. Remember, because you are sharing great content about topics related to your organization, you’ll get higher rankings on Google and other search engines.
  • Build brand awareness: When people are searching for topics related to your business online, they are more likely to find you if you’re blogging often, which means that more people will get to know your brand.
  • Build relationships: Be everywhere your customers and clients expect you to be – chances are they will be looking to your blog to bring a human element to your brand.
  • Provide customer support: Blogging provides a platform to resolve customer issues, address consistent problems, and highlight your solutions.
  • Build community: Build great content and an inviting forum, promote it, and people will make your blog a destination.
  • Communicate news: Keep your customers and non-customers informed about the latest and greatest with your products and services.

Blogging as a Marketing Strategy

Like everything else in the digital space, blogging takes time and commitment. We understand you are busy running your business and may not have time to invest to blog yourself.

3fatbirds will create and manage your blog for you, all with push-button simplicity so can leverage this influence engine giant for your benefit while keeping your precious time for the things you know how to do best.

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